Collagen+ Daily Capsule


Your beauty comes in a collagen capsule that helps you restore your body that essential protein. Clinically proven results for reducing wrinkles, improving the flexibility and moisture of the skin for a younger, glowing and radiant look, while strengthening the hair and nails and removing cellulite. Two capsules of Collagen+ Daily a day and you’re all set to go!

ערכה חודשית + חודש מתנה 390 300
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2 ערכות חודשיות + חודש מתנה 780 435
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3 ערכות חודשיות + חודש מתנה 1,170 560
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4 ערכות חודשיות + חודש מתנה 1,560 675
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Collagen+ Daily Capsule