Collagen+ Lifestyle powder is your little beauty secret.


Help regaining this essential protein and retrieving its vitality and youth. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity and moisture of the skin, for a young, radiant and glowing look while strengthening the hair and nails and improving cellulite. A Collagen+ Lifestyle powder bag and you’re all good to go! Collagen+ powder from nature. A 2.5g powder bag of collagen a day, with great clinically proven results especially when it comes to affecting the look and texture of the skin, moisture and elasticity, improving wrinkles and effecting the strength of hair and nails.

Based on a registered patent from GELITA, Germany and present clinical trials showing a decrease of up to 40% in wrinkle depth, improving cellulite thickness, strengthening and preventing hair loss and a significant improvement in nail durability while minimizing nail breakage and splitting. למידע על המוצר>

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Collagen+ Lifestyle powder is your little beauty secret.

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