I come from a family of gelatine manufacturers and importers. Back when I was a boy, I would help my late father in his office, and as time passed, I joined the family business. During a business meeting with one of our gelatine suppliers, I was introduced to one of his products – the collagen. I was amazed at the fact that one component has such significant advantages for the body.

When I saw the results of the collagen with my own eyes in people close to me, who suffered from joint pain, osteoporosis and various aging phenomena, I decided I had to produce a line of collagen products that would people a true added value.

Collagen+ was established as a brand in 2012, but it took a few more years before we could combine our passion, advanced technology and the science behind our products.

I believe that our customers see the passion, love and devotion that go into our products and our sense of calling to promote a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life.

Ron Weinberg – Collagen+ founder and CEO