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What is collagen?

Collagen is the primary protein in the human body. It comprises 30% of all bodily proteins and 4-6% of our overall weight.
Collagen can be found almost in every part of our body: tendons, cartilages, ligaments, bones, blood vessels, organs and skin.

Collagen improves our appearance and assists in reducing wrinkles, firming the skin, removing cellulite, strengthening the hair and nails…

The skin is one of the bodily organs that has the highest concentration of collagen. כשחלבון קולגן חוזר לעור ניתן לראות שיפור משמעותי במרקם, בלחות ובגמישות העור. Studies have shown that when collagen is retrieved to the skin, there is a reduction of 40% in the depth and visibility of crinkles, as well as cellulite. There has also been evidence of substantial improvement in the strength of the hair and nails.

Bodily Collagen Production

The structure of the collagen protein is long and thin, rich with two types of amino acids: Proline and Glycine. It also contains the amino acid Hydroxylysine. The Glycine balances the structure of the molecule by forming hydrogen bonds and hydroxylation found in the circular chains of the collagen, that assist in forming the collagen fibers.

In fact, there are 16 different types of collagen. The most common in our body are; type 1 that excels in elasticity and is most commonly found in the connective tissues, tendons and bone; type 2, which can be found in cartilages; type 3, commonly supporting in lean connective tissues and supporting singular cells.

Collagen has a great number of roles, the most vital of which is supporting and strengthening different bodily structures, like a widespread net that envelopes the organ and gives it shape and volume. Furthermore, the collagen plays an important part in the cartilages at the joints, allowing smooth and flexible movement.

At your late 20’s, the body slowly decreases its collagen production, until it stops altogether. Collagen levels reduce until they result in different aging outcomes, such as: wrinkles, crinkles, dry skin, erosion of joint cartilages, hair loss, calcium deficiency, lower muscle mass and many more.

Taking a daily supplement of collagen by Collagen+ will retrieve the crucial protein and will improve the wellbeing of your skin and hair, your nails, your movement and flexibility, rehabilitate the joint cartilages, slow Osteoporosis processes, increase muscle mass and prevent sport-related injuries, along with a long list of crucial benefits and advantages for the body.

Collagen is known as the “Youth Protein”, and dozens of researchers have proven that when it is retrieved through a supplement, it can indeed prevent and slow aging processes that we all face.

Collagen Assists in Joint Pain Prevention and Cartilage Restoration

Joint cartilages are restored and thicken when collagen is re-introduced to the body. Joint inflammation and pain are both significantly relieved once the source of the problem is treated directly. The collagen found in connective tissues, tendons and ligaments assists in retrieving motion, flexibility and life quality.

Collagen Strengthens the Bones

Collagen is the “net” that stops the calcium from escaping the bones. It is vital for the bones’ solidness and for the skeleton’s structure. When the body is low in collagen, calcium deficiency processes are accelerated, the bones weaken and as the aging progresses, so do other health risks. Taking a collagen supplement assists in preserving the bones’ strength as well as slowing down Osteoporosis processes.

Collagen Increases Muscle Mass, Prevents Sport Injuries, and Recovery After Workout

Collagen is the best-kept secret of anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle. Some of the amino acids in the collagen protein are responsible for synthesizing Creatine, a substance that is crucial for the muscles. The collagen assists in increasing muscle mass, swift recovery of muscles after workout, and preventing injuries.

Collagen Improves Digestion and Metabolism

Our digestive system needs collagen and amino acids for proper functioning. Taking collagen supplements assist in boosting the digestive system, promotes a faster metabolism, and even encourages weight loss.

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חילוף חומרים

Can help improve digestive and metabolic processes

מפחית קמטים

Can help reduce wrinkles, improve cellulite and strengthen hair

מפחית כאבים

Can help prevent joint pain and repair cartilage


קרם קולגן פלוס לפנים

Natural Collagen -
Ways to get collagen from nature

You can retrieve collagen to your body by a collagen protein rich nutrition, one that contains plenty of meet, fish and gelatin. It’s also important to enrich your nutrition by maximizing your vitamin C intake, adding leafy greens that contain chlorophyll that promotes the skin’s collagen production. That being said, and despite the fact that collagen can be retrieved with the right kind of nutrition, as the years pass, the level of collagen that needs to be retrieved constantly rises. Eventually, retrieving collagen through nutrition alone become an unrealistic task. That is exactly why you need Collagen+ supplements, to restore collagen in its natural form through the digestive system.